Monday, April 21, 2014

CityFit Spa @ CityMarket at O -- Say goodbye to gym membership

No need for a gym membership when you live at CityMarket at O.  

The CityFit spa is 6,000 square feet of the most high-tech aerobic and strength training equipment on the market.  There are personal training, group spinning, exercise classes, and yoga programmed as well for the airy, sun-filled gym. Roadside Development has thought of all the details to make working out a part of the CityMarket at O experience -- luxurious, thoughtful, and exciting.  

An epee wood deck running the length of the second floor gym overlooks Coudriet Way/8th Street and provides a for cooling off after a workout, part of your morning yoga practice, or just a great place to socialize.  Massages in our private spa massage suite can be easily scheduled using the CityMarket at O app.

Opening soon. CityFit at O..Take a peek!

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  1. Hi, when will this gym open? Will it be available to the public?

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  3. That was awesome! What a place!! Great friendly environment!

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