Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Job Readiness Program Graduates 16 in Shaw

Living Classroom Graduates Dressed for Success

In this season of hope and goodwill, Roadside Development salutes the second graduating class of 16 Shaw residents who participated in Living Classrooms Job Readiness program that took place the Gibson Plaza Learning Center. The graduates  are now interviewing for jobs in the hospitality, security, construction and retail fields.

This class was sponsored by Roadside Development and Clark Construction as part of our response to the more than 1700 people who have signed up for jobs at the Clark construction trailer at 7th and O Streets, NW.  The students learned important job/life skills such as interviewing, money management, time management and resume preparation.  As part of their job preparation, each student received a complete interviewing outfit.  After graduation, Living Classrooms follows up with participants for three years to assist with life and employment issues.  This is the second class that Roadside has sponsored this year.  Of the first class, 8 of the 14 were offered jobs working for Clark, Giant, and the VA.  Roadside is also pursuing an agreement with DC's Hospitality Highschool for its students.

We are proud of our graduates and wish them the best in 2013 and hope to see them working at the CityMarket at O Giant in November.

Monday, December 17, 2012

What's new at O?

Last week found 14 people walking through the 540-sq foot mock-up of one of the junior one bedroom units at CityMarket at O.  The group critically examined everything in the unit from the very smallest thing to the very biggest thing and made recommendations ranging from the  installation and functionality of some items to the as materials and detailing of door handles so that the units when delivered in November 2013 will be the best units in the DC market., 

Hard Hat Inspection
All agreed that the unit is spectacular and will be a fabulous place to live.

How big is the bathroom?  Big enough to hold 7 adults,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Latest Addition to 9th St: A&D Neighbhorhood Bar

On behalf of the prospective tenants of the sleek new apartments at CityMarket at O, congrats to Ali and Dan, owners of Seasonal Pantry and SUNdeVICH, on opening of their new venture, A&D Neighborhood Bar at 9th and Naylor Court which opens today at 5. 

Good job, guys.  We will be standing at your awesome bar when we aren't doing laps on the roof at CityMarket at O.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

CityMarket Backdrop for Mayor's Announcement

 Mayor Gray chose CityMarket at O to roll out his 5-year economic development plan using the swinging construction cranes of the CityMarket at O in Shaw as the backdrop for the announcement.  The Mayor cited CityMarket and O for the creativity and vision in redeveloping the site with its "one of a kind" 75,000 square foot Giant, 182-room Cambria Suites hotel, 400 market rate units and 90 affordable units for seniors. 

With its 400 construction jobs and 400 full time jobs, he pointed to the project as one of many economic initiatives in an ambitious five-year plan to bring $1 billion in new tax revenue to the city and create 100,000 jobs.

You can see the Washington Monument from O


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Attention Giant Shoppers

Close your eyes.  Open your eyes. 

CityMarket at O Giant Food Store Under Construction, November 2012

Imagine buying your Thanksgiving turkey here next year.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Looking through the Fence: CityMarket at O Rises

Looking through the fence at 7th and O and into the old market building, Joanne Lawton's slide show in today's Washington Business Journal gives you a terrific view of what is happening at 7th and O. 

You begin to get the feel of the volume, openness and light that will be a unique feature of the  new, 75,000 square foot Giant.  Giant will offer a grocery shopping experience like none other in DC:  sip a glass of wine while you shop, nibble some fresh sushi from the sushi bar, buy your 2013 Thanksgiving turkey — all the time marveling at the meticulously recreated 40 foot monitored roof.


Friday, October 5, 2012

The Trusses are Coming!

First Truss Up!  October 5, 2012

The trusses have arrived and are being installed at the O Street Market.  Stop by this weekend and see this important milestone in the recreation of the historic market.  This is a most exciting event for the development of CityMarket at O.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Holy Moly! Look at CityMarket at O

Like many of you, I left DC in August.
I left for one short week. 
When I came back, the Nats still had a 6 1/2 game lead in the National League East which made me very happy. 
However, the picture of  CityMarket at O coming out of the ground took my breath away.
  CityMarket at O is now well above grade on the east block and the west block is not far behind.  

Calling all Giant shoppers, your slab is poured.

Can you imagine parking on B2?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

CityMarket at O Men at Work

What is going on behind the curtain?  Men at work.

You may have noticed that part of the historic facade at City Market has been covered in scaffolding these past few weeks.  We're excited that the restoration process on the market's east wall has kicked off with cleaning of the existing historic brick.  This process is expected to last through the summer. 

Once we've removed the paint and other coatings from previous restorations, we'll proceed to repoint the wall with new mortar.  We'll also be replacing damaged brick with brick salvaged from the other walls on the building.  Once we've finished the east facade, we'll move to the market tower brick and then the south wall.

Just north of the Market Facade are two mock-ups that we are using to evaluate material samples and construction methods.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shaw: Boom

If you missed Saturday's article about Shaw, you can read it here:


While there are a few inaccuracies in the article, the bottom line is what we who know Shaw know that Shaw is a great place to be.

Click on the arrow below and take a stroll around CityMarket at O on O and note how that historic market connects to the new and much, much bigger and much, much better Giant:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Living Classrooms Comes to Shaw

Over 1,000 people have signed up at the Clark Trailer on 7th and P looking for jobs.

While Clark has hired workers for work at the CityMarket at O and others have been referred to and  hired by Clark at CityCenterDC, the need.extends far beyond the hiring capacity of these two construction projects. 

Roadside looked beyond construction and focused on the 400+  full-time jobs that will need to be filled at CityMarket at O's Giant Food Store (opening late 2013) and its 182-room Cambria Suites Hotel (opening early 2014).

Roadside Development and Clark partnered with Living Classrooms to provide Shaw's first 4-week job readiness training session for 18 students.  The sessions included class sessions on goal setting, resume writing and interviewing as well as exposure to various professions and opportunities in the retail and health care sectors. 

Highlights of the classes included presentations and question and answer sessions with representatives of Giant Food Store, Clark Construction and HomeCare Partners.

Bernard Johnson of Giant answering questions from Living Classrooms' participants

Please join Living Classrooms on Friday, June 29 from 10-1 at Gibson Plaza to celebrate the participants and their accomplishments.

Monday, May 14, 2012

CityMarket at O Bottoms Out

"Bottoms Up" for Clark Construction's excavation and concrete crews.  They have finished digging the "hole" and are now starting to build the projec tback up. 

We joined Clark celebratory barbecue for the excavation and concrete workers in what will be the B2 Parking Area on May 11...

Staying on schedule means that you will be push your shopping cart here for your holiday grocery shopping in 2013.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CityMarket at O Construction Update

Gingerbread O Street Market
As you may have noticed, the pile driving is finished and quiet has returned to Shaw.

Excavating is well underway and will continue into April.

Some CityMarket trivia:
 --2,000 cubic yards of dirt are trucked from the CityMarket construction site each day.
 --If construction continues on pace, the new and vastly improved Giant will open in 21 months.
 --CityMarket's 500 space parking garage and truck court will have car sharing, bike sharing, electric car charging stations and ample bike storage for residents and visitors
--Giant will have an entrance and exit in the old market tower and 7th and O Streets and reactivate this important corner of Shaw

If you missed the November 18 Groundbreaking, enjoy the photos below:

Mayor Gray and 2400 jobs created by CityMarket at O project
Jack, really this was the  final O Street Market groundbreaking
Jack making sure that Giant is no more