Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CityMarket at O Construction Update

Gingerbread O Street Market
As you may have noticed, the pile driving is finished and quiet has returned to Shaw.

Excavating is well underway and will continue into April.

Some CityMarket trivia:
 --2,000 cubic yards of dirt are trucked from the CityMarket construction site each day.
 --If construction continues on pace, the new and vastly improved Giant will open in 21 months.
 --CityMarket's 500 space parking garage and truck court will have car sharing, bike sharing, electric car charging stations and ample bike storage for residents and visitors
--Giant will have an entrance and exit in the old market tower and 7th and O Streets and reactivate this important corner of Shaw

If you missed the November 18 Groundbreaking, enjoy the photos below:

Mayor Gray and 2400 jobs created by CityMarket at O project
Jack, really this was the  final O Street Market groundbreaking
Jack making sure that Giant is no more